The Monster Report

Highlighting those entertaining creatures of film history

Box Day

Unboxing 1964 S.H. Monsterarts

Unboxing Rodan 1964 X-Plus

Unboxing Godzilla 1984 X-Plus

Unboxing: Godzilla 1995 Hastings Exclusive

G-Fest Haul and Unboxing

First Official Symphonic Fury Unboxing

Godzilla ’91 Marmit/Striker Eureka NECA Unboxing

Anguirus ’68 Unboxing

Gigan ’72 Unboxing

Unboxing: Godzilla 1954 X-Plus 30cm and Christmas Haul

Unboxing: Godzilla 1955 X-Plus 30cm

G-Fest XXII Ep.3:Haul and Unboxing