The Monster Report

Highlighting those entertaining creatures of film history


The Monster Report is a show on YouTube.The show is a celebration of movie monsters of all kinds.  This show’s intention is to highlight classic films that may or may not be known to the general public.

I (Nick Adam Poling) established The Monster Report to bring a unique perspective in highlighting monster movies.  Most of the films I have reviewed have been Japanese kaiju films like Godzilla, but I am also a fan of the Universal classic monster series as well as King Kong.  As this show continues into the future, I have plans to review a wide variety of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror and Comedy films and television shows.

My interest began at a young age when I saw my first kaiju film, Godzilla 1985.  After that moment, I was instantly hooked.  With every opportunity, I began collecting monster films and toys.  As an adult, little has changed.  With the amazing opportunity of this website, social media and YouTube, I have been given an outlet to express my opinions on these films and connect with others for priceless networking and conversation about similar interests.

Your visiting this site and viewing my video content helps to support my endeavors going into the future.  My goal is to have this show “On The Air” as long as I have time and energy to continue producing new content.  Thank you for visiting and taking time to comment/subscribe/follow/like….you know the routine.  Feel free to email me at

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